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Roulette, is the most widespread gambling, which is offered in casinos. That means the roulette game, roulette called the roulette machine.


Roulette is a classic double play at tables: In the middle of a long green cloth (Tapis)-covered table, the roulette machine (Cylindre) embedded in a depression, left and right are the fields of application (table). Each table is served by eight employees of the casino, the cylinder is located in the middle of four dealers, the two head ends of each sitting, another dealer and for each side of the table is one's own boss de table control.


Today, however, mostly played on simplified, which are supervised by four dealers: The roulette wheel is located on one end of the table, and there is only one table, which is located in the middle of the table.


The roulette machine consists of a set into a bowl, rotating disk with 36 alternating red and black number subjects, as well as an 37th green bin marked zero. The roulette bowl or Cuvette was made earlier in Ebony, now are also widely used plastics.


Asks the dealer, the players at the stakes. These are made with chips. Either the player places his chips on the table itself, or he asks the dealer to do this for him and call advertising (), the number or group of numbers, would like to share it.


Are the interventions made, the dealer, the roulette wheel is in motion and throws the ball against the direction of rotation in the cylinder. Once the ball stops in a number box, the dealer says, the winning number, the color and the other winning simple chances to loud, and shows with his rake on the winning number.