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Through various security systems that are operated in cooperation with a provider of payment solutions and / or financial institutions, it can happen from time to time, that credit card transactions will be rejected in part or in full. Such security measures can prevent the adoption of legitimate credit cards, at a given time can not be edited. staff has no control over those systems yet it knows the reasons for the rejection of deposits. may request at any time records to verify the identity and / or permission of the account holder to use a specific credit or debit card and other information specified by the account holder before training or payments made by credit.


For all banking transactions between the, the Bank of the account holder and the appropriate financial institution, which provides its services available, maximum safety is ensured. assured that the credit card number of the account holder and third parties will never be shared. Exception to this rule, the disclosure of information to present at the settlement of the transactions involved financial institutions and, in rare cases, the dissemination of information to base a judicial order or as directed by authorized administrative authorities.