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Poker is the name of a family of card games that are usually played with the Anglo-American sheet to fifty-two cards and is made with those by a five-card hand. The players without the knowledge of the leaf of the opponent's chips on the odds of your hand. The chips are finally to that player with the strongest hand, or only the remaining, if not all players are ready to go with the submitted by him. This opens the possibility to win by bluffing with weak cards. The goal in poker is to win as many chips from other players.


Chipsare distributed depending on the variant forms a hand of cards to players, either concealed, partly covered and partly open, or partly covered and partly open, through so-called community cards (community cards). Also depending on the version of the game is if either the best (high) or the worst hand (low) gains and how large the maximum and preferred number of players.


Poker had long held a very bad reputation as a pure gambling and has been associated with particular card sharks and wrong as possible. During the time of origin of poker in the 19 Century was usually spread by professional players who are beginners and amateurs by superior control of the game, in part, by fraud, to their employment. Indeed, although the distribution of cards is random, but by the free decision of the players as to when and how much they set, the result is a strong strategic and psychological component. Good players understand it, by knowing the probabilities and observing the other players bad hands up promptly to minimize losses and maximize profits.


In individual competitions, such as the World Series of Poker, the happiness, however, plays an essential role, as enforced by the structure relatively short games with few hands - now it is considered almost impossible that a player can succeed twice in a row. Yet it was these tournaments, as well as continuing to develop a friendly poker games (first in the United States, now increasingly in Europe), the strategic aspects of the game and made it known that socially acceptable. Recently, more and more poker tournaments on television - this is the increased awareness and acceptance in the population. This is clearly in the interest of the online poker provider, both the tournaments themselves and the co-finance television.