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  • Online BlackJack


Blackjack is the most widely played gambling card, which is offered in casinos.


Looking at the rules of Blackjack, falls so on, at first glance a series of asymmetries that favor the player.


The advantages of the player:


* If a player wins with a Blackjack, he wins in the ratio 3: 2; wins but the dealer with a blackjack, he wins only in the ratio 1: 1


* The player is free in the decisions whether to request a card or not, as he is supposed to evaluate one ace, and this can take depends on the value of the first card of the dealer's. The dealer, however, is bound in his way of playing to a rigid rule. * The player can double with a promising paper use on a purchase, thereby forcing the dealer to continue the game to double the amount.


* The player may split two cards of the same and win so maybe with two hands against the dealer.


These advantages is of course against one - hidden - The benefit of the casino. If a player exceeds 21 points, he loses his bet immediately. If, in the same game exceeds the dealer also 21 points, so the game is lost for the player and is not considered a draw, he will receive not more back his bet.